Fountain Mister

Relax and find your meditative state with this amazing gift for the person in your life that is trying to find inner piece. Feel the vibes as you hear the water and enjoy the mist during your practice.

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – This indoor water fountain is made from durable polyresin and fiberglass material to make it sturdy yet easy to move; The feature also has foot pads adhered to the bottom to prevent scratching surfaces and a splash guard located in the top level to ensure no water splashes out.
  • THE QUITE SOUND OF WATER CAN DEPRESS PRESSURE – Listen to the sounds of a waterfall crashing down onto the tiers below as they gently rock you to sleep or bring you a comforting stress relief. Product meaning: bring peace to life, bring you good luck and wealth.

  • The fountain comes with a mister, which produces mist and color changing lights. What a romantic ambiance!
  • A crystal ball floats and revolves with water. The LED lights hidden below make it brighter.
  • The water-driven mill and wheel bring more fun for you and your kids.
  • The pump circulates the water, adding the soothing sounds of splashing water to any home patio or office setting.
  • Material: Environmentally friendly resin-rock; Measures 10” L x 6.3” W x 11” H

  • NEW AND IMPROVED FEATURES: Comes with inline control, a convenient ON/OFF switch, and a thicker, more durable design glass.
  • PATENT PENDING INLINE CONTROL: Can control hi-lo mist with several modes of lighting. You have the option of turning off the light while it mists.
  • 12 COLOR CHANGING LED LIGHTS: The lights continuously changes colors and produces a mystical aromatic mist that can relax and improve your mood. Great accent to your home, office or spa!