Women’s Gift Ideas – Picking the Best Planters For a Women’s Garden Party


The Women’s Gift, sometimes known as Mother’s Day gift or the Mother’s Day handout, is typically given to the most important member of a family. Typically this handout is usually jewelry, though it can also be cooking items, tickets to an important sporting event, digital camera, or any other inexpensive gift. In some cases, children’s mothers may give Mothers Day gifts as well. The best gifts for mothers are usually something they can use themselves, such as cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, gift cards and coupons for special services or food discounts. A gift card or coupon to her favorite restaurant is appreciated.

The Mother’s Day handout or gift may include a coupon to watch a show or concert at the local theater. You can easily find good deals on Mothers Day concert tickets. If you’re throwing a party for your mom, you can add a show to the list of activities or you can set up a fun little twist on the traditional Mothers Day concert at home by creating a memento of the day for mom. For example, add a special prize to the concert or a mullino or two to the Mother’s Day handout.

Consider having mom pose for a picture with a handcrafted picnic mat or chair from mullins. Have the ladies gather around the picnic table and have mom pose for a picture. Have each guest write the name of her favorite song as you hold the pose while everyone eats lunch. Then have each guest take a seat on a chair that is also decorated with the names of the songs. You can use the proceeds from the sales of the day’s meals to purchase a sheet of paper and have each person name their price on it if you like.

Gardening gift-giving ideas are a dime a dozen these days. You can buy a nice plant with flower seeds or plant a pot in someone’s yard. You can give an arrangement or a bouquet. You can also buy one of those lovely ceramic planters with herbs and other plants printed on them.

The great thing about gift-giving at a women’s garden party is you don’t have to make a purchase immediately. You can save that money for a rainy day or to purchase more flowers in the spring. Malini and Fuentes are two company’s that produce beautiful arrangements. Make sure you check out the prices on the web before committing to buy a one year’s supply of anything.

The first tip to follow when it comes to gift-giving for a women’s garden party is to make sure the gifts are eco-friendly. Malini and Fuentes will sell gift boxes filled with herbs, pottery, and even beautiful decorative rocks. The first thing you should do is visit the website for each company and read about their environmental policies. If the policy is not specific about how their products are recycled, you should look elsewhere. Both companies do not use glass jars and they do not place aluminum or tin plates inside their planters.

The second tip for women’s garden party gifts is to find something a little different than what you would buy for yourself. Fuentes and Malini have beautiful hand-crafted women’s planters that are hand-painted. These planters are not mass-produced. If you are not looking for a box full of roses, a basket full of herbs, or a pot full of succulents, then you should consider a hand-designed planter. In some cases, the planter will be made in a round shape, but in most cases it will be rectangular.

One nice thing about the planter from Malini and Fuentes is that each of their products comes in three different hues of green. You can use these three colors as your inspiration when choosing a gift for a friend or family member. For example, one of the planter colors can be pink if you are trying to find a feminine gift for a young woman. The other two colors can be green and purple for men. If you don’t know what color scheme you want for your gift, you may also want to consider the hues of each product. For example, one of the plants will be green and another one is purple, so you have a lot of options when picking out gifts.